Welcome to my games page, a collection of games I've developed over time. Now that I've started development of this site, it's indirectly inspired me to develop small-scale games as a side project. You will mainly see web-based applications to play posted on this page.

I will also include other web-based games that I enjoy playing from time to time under the other games section. Have fun!

My Games
  • Megayahtzee — Over-complicated and extremely exaggerated version of one of my favorite dice games, Yahtzee, developed in Javascript. Rather than five 6-sided dice, you now play with seven 7-sided dice. There are new rolls to attempt to achieve in this version, can you score them all?
  • Legend of Mario — "Dungeon Crawler" themed Mario game developed in Java. Kick around shells and visit four different sections of the map that you have the ability to edit dynamically as you please. There is no real objective, just kick around shells and throw fireballs.
  • Hypermario — Ridiculous version of Legend of Mario developed in Javascript ported from the original game, with a bit of a twist. Kicking shells into other shells now have unexpected behavior, and you can throw hammers instead of fireballs!
  • Spaceboard — Multi-themed shuffleboard game developed in Scratch. This was the first game I developed, completed in high school. There are six levels to choose from. Play with a friend or against a "CPU". There are no real physics, and pucks do not interact with one another.

Other Games
  • Pathology — The goal of Pathology is simple. Get to the exit in the least number of moves. Sounds easy right? Yet, this sokoban style game is one of the most mind-bending puzzle games you will find.
  • MultiSweeper — Standard Minesweeper, but with several different control schemes and several variations, each with their own twists and challenges.
  • Nurikabe — Binary determination puzzle in which the player must connect same-colored cells adjacent vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally depending on the number in a given cell. Connected white cells form "islands", while connected black cells form the "sea".