Etterna Tools

Welcome to my Etterna Tools page, a curated collection of utilities designed to enhance your Etterna gameplay and charting experience. Developed by me and other contributors, these tools aim to streamline the game's customization and optimization processes.

My Tools
  • BGChange Generator — Simplifies the process of integrating and synchronizing background visuals with music tracks, enhancing player immersion.
  • Scroll Interpolator — Interpolates scroll speeds in Etterna simfiles, enabling charters to create dynamic and engaging gameplay experiences.
  • Scroll Normalizer — Adjusts chart scroll speeds to a uniform BPM for consistent gameplay.

Other Tools
  • StepMania Recolorizer — Originally by qqwref, this upgraded tool by Velocity helps simplify note recoloring in .sm files, applying color theory for visual enhancement.
  • StepMania Snap Calculator — This tool by kangalio tells you how to approximate all possible snaps using 192nds, allowing you to achieve any approximated snap for any BPM.